Everything can fall

“Todo pode cair” (Everything can fall)
At Marta Traba Gallery, Latin America Memorial – Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009

Installation + performance.

I was invited by Nicholas Petrus to be part of a group show at Marta Traba Gallery, located inside of Sao Paulo’s Latin America Memorial, but I decided to do my work in the pond outside the gallery space — I was interested to establish a dialogue with the general public in terms of their interaction with the iconic landmark.

For seven days, I altered the installation and interacted with the crowds. I focused on political subjects and hired local people to write “todo pode cair” in Pixacao, the ubiquitous graffiti language of the Sao Paulo street tribes.

On opening night I did a performance that destroyed most of the piece. The rest of it was left to be decayed by the passing of time.
Daniela Luna - Everything can fall

Daniela Luna - Everything can fall



Daniela Luna - Everything can fall daniela-luna-everything-can-fall-4




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