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Text by Luke Crisell / Photo by Alex Chow

“The APPETITE gallery’s booth at the Frieze Art Fair in London last year was, essentially, a pile of trash. Daniela Luna, the gallery owner, and some of her artists would go around to all the other stands at the end of the day and collect garbage, piling it into their space. “We wanted to show people what was really going on.” She says now, in the back room of the huge space in San Telmo. “We were living on the streets or meeting peole and going to their houses and asking people for food. We wanted to show how hard everything was.” For Luna, who also owns a gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with Gustavo Tonelli, it`s the absense of money in Buenos Aires that informs the city`s contemporary art scene more than anything else. “Whatever we have, we use it,” se says. “We do things out of nothing. And it brings a lot of energy. You go to other cities, and they have the money and the means and the help, but something is missing. I think it`s the energy that comes from working in a place where everything is so hard. that`s where the name of the gallery comes from –  I wanted to work with people who had this hunger for doing things.”


In the picture (left to right): artist Tranqui Yanqui, artist Fabio Risso, Gerardo Dubois – designer at Bandoleiro, artist Victoria Musotto, Daniela Luna, DJ Akira

I’m wearing: jacket by Mercedes Cosci, tshirt by Alejandro


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