Time Out: Let's start a war

Time Out 2009

Time Out, by Nathan Tichenor
Main photo by Anatole

Transcription extracts:Arty meets party at Daniela Luna’s WarClub. Surrounded by cutting edge wall art, intellectuals and club kids, artists and collectors, the young and the old make up an eclectic smiling crowd. WarClub is the brainchild of enfant terrible art gallerist Daniela Luna. It has taken place, up until now, in this raw, industrial, multi-room space whose only modifications, in the punk spirit Luna most prizes, are an accumulation of graffiti, murals and installations.It may be hard to top the New Year’s party, VIOLENSEXXXESS, But Luna is planning monthly events for 2009.

And check out Appetite, were fashion shows, book lounches and other events are being hatched, all with Luna’s trademark edgy flair.


  1. Very cool!

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